Nintendo Deny Mario Kart 8's Early Release

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Will it – won't it, that is the question being asked by several confused Mario Kart fans. The core of confusion is related to the release date of Nintendo's Mario Kart 8 for Wii U. While the officials at Nintendo are sticking to their May 30th 2014 release date stand, the Amazon page states two to four weeks shipping instead.

This puts the anticipated date of release to somewhere mid-April, considering you place the order right away. A user of the NeoGAF Forum spotted the change of date and has even gone on to showcase his chat with an Amazon support staff. The thread is quite evident with the facts and pits in an early release.

Contradicting this evidence is Nintendo's statement to IGN, saying that the launch date for the game has not changed. So we are back to square one on the eShop release date scheduled for May 30th.

The buzz around the new game is scored thanks to a new feature called Mario Kart TV. With this new element, users can use Miiverse to share clips of exciting moments of their race with other players. On the whole, the game hooks up local and online multiplayer modes for up to twelve racers.