Nintendo debuts official eBay storefront

As Black Friday, and its partnering Cyber Monday, are quickly approaching to kick off the holiday shopping season, gaming giant Nintendo has chosen auction giant eBay to launch its newest official web store. The store gives shoppers another option when it comes to buying Nintendo hardware, games, and accessories online, with the security of ordering directly from the company.

The Nintendo items aren't sold as actual auctions, requiring users to make bids and hope they can get the best price, but just at Buy-It-Now prices. Unfortunately, the prices seem to be nearly identical to what can normally be found at retail an other online stores, so it's not the best place to look for a deal.

However, where Nintendo benefits from having an official store on eBay is in selling select refurbished items that have been certified by the company. This provides a great alternative to buying used Nintendo items from other eBay users, especially if the listings seem less than trustworthy.

As of now, the store is populated with items like the Wii Remote Plus and Nintendo 3DS and 2D handheld systems, but there the Wii U console is nowhere to be found. In terms of games, Nintendo seems to focusing on Mario titles, with Mario Kart 8, Super Smash Bros., and Super Mario 3D Land among those offered.

SOURCE Nintendo