Nintendo cutting YouTube creators in on revenues

Nintendo, who is seeing slumping sales and even poorer revenue numbers, is readying a program for YouTubers to monetize their video clips. In a statement, Nintendo said they were setting up an affiliate program, and clips used in "appropriate circumstances" could be monetized. It's a lot like their current agreement with YouTube, but they're cutting creators in this time.

Nintendo got into a bit of hot water last year when they stepped in to claim revenue from YouTubers who used their footage or in-game action to monetize their channel. Rather than fight that exhaustive battle, it seems they'd rather cut creators in. Nintendo didn't clarify what situations would be "appropriate", but promised changes to their affiliate program to clarify those instances.

It's another push for YouTube's gaming ambitions. The service is already popular with gamers and studios alike, and their acquisition of Twitch could factor into this as well.

It's an interesting way to get people discussing and sharing Nintendo's content, but will do little to nothing for revenue. Nintendo has various ambitions when it comes to getting our attention, but none of them involve us actually playing their games.

Source: Re/Code