Nintendo boss Iwata takes 50% pay cut

For a period of 5 months after announcing Nintendo's most recent fiscal results, CEO Satoru Iwata will take a 50% pay cut on his salary. This will also be joined by a Nintendo executive pay cut between 20 and 30%. While at the moment it's not clear whose decision this cut was, the company as a whole will certainly appear to be accepting their losses in as open a fashion as possible.

While most any other company would certainly tighten belts and crack the whip, so to speak, here Nintendo's bossman appears to take responsibility. In this way, Nintendo is sure to hope, they'll keep morale up in the worker sectors while the Executives hash out how to move forward.

Nintendo's financial results for the 9-month period leading up to December 31st, 2013, included some rather low-lying news for the Wii U and cash in general. Nintendo revealed an operating loss of over $15 million USD, and an operating loss of approximately $355 million USD (converted from 35 billion yen) for the year 2013 as a whole.

The company meanwhile suggested that they'd earned 10.20 billion yen ($98.8 million USD) in the nine-month period – but with a revenue fall of 8.1 percent to 499.12 billion yen and that rather harsh operating loss, Nintendo is still in a hard way starting here in 2014. Have a peek at other recent Nintendo bits and pieces below – notice their mobile news and their Wii U sales specifically.

VIA: AFP through Google