Nintendo Announces VoIP Headset for DS

Benjamin Nied - Jul 13, 2006

VoIP is one of the hottest technologies around today, and it hasn’t escaped Nintendo’s attention. Having already announced technology in the Wii-mote for possible VoIP capabilities, Nintendo has now announced a VoIP headset for their mega-popular Nintendo DS handhelds. Available from, the headset will run you around $23 USD (£12.99), but requires a VoIP-capable game, like Metroid Prime: Hunters. Hopefully we’ll see a few more VoIP-capable games by the headset’s September 15th release date, because screaming at your friends during Metroid is only fun for so long. Plus, we’re willing to bet that a homebrewed DS port of some sort of VoIP software will pop up eventually…. Product Page [via Video Games Blogger]

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