Nintendo Announces Red Color for 3DS and new Wii Sports Resort Bundle

Nintendo just announced the 3DS will be available in new "Red Flare" on July 14, 2011. Aqua and Cosmo Black will still be available. A new software bundle was also announced for the Wii; it will include the console, the game Wii Sports Resort, the usual Wii controller, and a second controller in Aqua. The new Wii bundle will be available in white and black bundles, and is scheduled for release on the 23rd of June.

Nintendo stated the retail price of the Wii bundle should not change; it will remain at 20,000 yen in Japan, US retail price expected to remain at current levels. This new Wii Sports Resort bundle definitely delivers more value to the consumer. Now you can enjoy a game in your living room right out of the box, no need to purchase additional controllers. If Nintendo indeed keeps prices the same, this new bundle is very attractive. With the announcement of the Wii U, this is no doubt Nintendo's attempt to entice consumers to buy now instead of waiting to purchase the Wii U.

With the addition of Red Flare, Nintendo is just adding more selection to their already strong 3DS product offering. No mention is made of any additional features or changes to the red version. Unless you are a 3DS collector, most people will just keep playing the 3DS they already have.

[via Nintendo]