Nintendo Announces online Mario Kart Wii Tournaments

As you no doubt noticed, two major titles hit stores this week. Chances are if you're a PS3 or 360 owner, you've been busy motoring about Liberty City (no doubt preparing yourself for all of the violent crimes that you're bound to commit later in life). However, if you've got a Wii, I can bet that you've been doing a bit of driving too. If you think you've mastered the Kart, then why not test your skills against some of the best drivers out there for glory?

Nintendo has announced that they will be holding tournaments every few weeks on the Mario Kart Channel. Here you'll be able to compete against other players for glory and the chance to have your name etched in the Mario Kart worldwide rankings.

The tournaments won't simply be driving around the same old tracks. Sometimes the tracks will be altered to spice things up, or other times you may be trying to collect the most coins in a run. There hasn't been any mention of prizes, however, the glory of getting marked down as the top racer would be pretty cool in itself.