Nintendo announces new add-on content for New Super Mario Bros 2

Nintendo has announced that new add-on content will be available for Nintendo 3DS gamers and the New Super Mario Bros. 2 game. Three new download content packs will be available on October 4. There will also be additional new download content available at the end of October and again at the end of November.

The video game already has a Coin Rush Mode that lets players play on three randomly chosen levels. In the add-on Gold Rush Pack, the three levels are always the same ones. Nintendo says that having the same three levels each time allows users to test themselves against each other on an even playing field.

Each of the add-on packs will be available as an in-game purchase for $2.50 per pack. The three packs coming October 4 include the Gold Rush Pack that adds new courses allowing players to collect lots of gold and letting veteran players set new records. The next of the DLC packs is the Coin Challenge Pack A.

The website for the video game will track rankings based on scores for this pack allowing players to measure their scores against other gamers around the world. The third add-on pack is called the Nerve-Wrack Pack with intense new courses designed for veteran players. Nintendo isn't talking about the add-on content coming at the end of October and at the end of November just yet.