Nintendo and DeNA to develop games for smart devices

Shane McGlaun - Mar 17, 2015
Nintendo and DeNA to develop games for smart devices

Nintendo fans have been wishing for a long time that the gaming company would produce mobile games based on some of the cool Nintendo properties out there. Nintendo has stayed away from mobile opting instead to produce games solely for its game consoles. That will change with Nintendo and DeNA announcing a partnership that will see games for mobile devices based on Nintendo IP in the pipeline.

The partnership between the two firms will also see a new multi-device membership service launching for gamers around the world. No details on specific games that will be brought to mobile platforms under this alliance are available at this time. However, DeNA does note that both it and Nintendo will be developing new game apps based on Nintendo IP and iconic game characters.

Perhaps we will finally see something like Mario Kart on mobile devices. Only new games that are optimized for the mobile platform will be developed, these games won’t be ports of titles already available on the Wii U or Nintendo 3DS.

With all Nintendo IP eligible for development and exploration under the alliance, odds are Mario and other popular Nintendo properties will eventually come to mobile platforms. Nintendo and DeNA also plan to develop an online membership service for smart devices, PC, and Nintendo consoles launching in the fall of 2015.


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