Nintendo amiibo isn't on its way out just yet

For something that wasn't exactly a critical success, the Internet seems to now be awash with debate on whether Nintendo is really canning the amiibo. Barely a month, let alone a year, in the market, some sites are now reporting that Nintendo is calling it quits on its Skylanders-like attempt to bridge the divide between physical and digital gaming. A Nintendo of America representative, however, refutes such "news" and points out that it may simply be an issue of supplies.

More than any major gaming company, it seems that Nintendo is having the hardest time doing right by everyone these days. While some amiibo toy figures sell quite well, given the popularity of the character they represent, not all have been cash cows for Nintendo. And some gamers feel that these amiibo are not exactly what Nintendo needs for a renaissance.

Lately, there has been a noticeable lack of supply of some amiibo figures. Some news sites, taking their info from anonymous sources, report that this due to Nintendo eventually discontinuing the whole amiibo enterprise. But that is not without hope, as those sources also claim that highly popular ones, like Mario and Link, will remain on store shelves for some time.

Mushroom Kingdom Gaming League, however, disputes all of these. Getting in touch with someone from Nintendo of America, they posted a reply saying otherwise. He says that no amiibo has been harmed, er, discontinued and this is all simply an issue of supply and demand. Stores that run out of inventories for a particular amiibo will, of course, need to reorder. And those could take time, which would account for the continued lack of such amiibo on store shelves.

It's a case of he/she said, he/she said, and we won't likely know until Nintendo officially puts its food down, if it actually will. The bottom line of both scenarios are the same, however. Grab your favorite amiibo now before they either go out of stock or out the window. That is, of course, if you plan on collecting them anyway, whether or not they will still work in the future.