Nintendo Account finally does away with friend codes

Nintendo has a love-hate relationship with the future. In the last two generations of consoles, Nintendo was a big innovator. The Wii brought us motion controls, and the Wii U brought us a tablet input for a home system. And that's not to even mention what they've done for the world of handheld gaming. Through all of these innovations, Nintendo has been lightyears behind when it comes to playing with your friends online. But that will finally be changing.

We know that Nintendo has been working on overhauling their account system, and today we know that it will simply be called Nintendo Account. Your Nintendo Account will take the place of Friend Codes, which means no more keeping track of 12-digit numbers just to play games with your friends.

Your Nintendo Account will work for your consoles, handhelds, and even your mobile phone. You'll also be able to login from your PC to keep track of your account, buy games, and more. They are even working to implement cloud saves, which will make our lives much easier.

The final thing that your new Account will do is tie into My Nintendo, a new reward system that is replacing the old Club Nintendo. My Nintendo will launch in March of next year, complete with a reward system for purchasing games and playing them.

VIA: VG24/7