Nintendo 3DS XL to get its own Circle Pad Pro this year

The original Nintendo 3DS has had its own Circle Pad Pro expansion for a while that makes gaming with a little console more comfortable and enjoyable. With the recent launch of the larger 3DS XL portable console, gamers might have been wondering when a larger Circle Pad Pro would be coming. If you're the owner of one of the new 3DS XL portables, you'll get your version this year.

Nintendo has announced the Circle Pad Pro expansion, and it attaches to the 3DS XL console and at the second circle pad to the mix. Nintendo was mum on the official launch date for the accessory only saying that it will come this year. I suspect the accessory will launch in time for the holiday shopping season.

Much like the Circle Pad accessory for the normal 3DS, the XL accessory will make the portable console more comfortable to hold in the hands and will make controlling your video game easier. There is no indication of how much the accessory might cost.

[via The Verge]