Nintendo 3DS will have 2D mode

Shane McGlaun - May 10, 2010
Nintendo 3DS will have 2D mode

Sales of Nintendo hardware and software are plummeting. The Wii has seen sales drop as has the DS, both of the machines have been on the market a while now and it seems consumers are getting bored. There is no update for the Wii on the horizon, but a new portable called the 3DS is set to land this October.

So far, we have few concrete details on the 3DS other than we know it will need no 3D glasses for users to see the 3D games. Engadget reports today that the console will also have a switchable 2D game mode. That is a good thing since there will be times when 3D graphics might not be desired.

The new tidbit about the 2D mode came from Nintendo president Satoru Iwata. The new mode will also be better for some aspects of the console like reading text. The full details of the 3DS will be unveiled at E3 next month.

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