Nintendo 3DS update provides data transfer from packaged to downloaded games

Brittany A. Roston - Mar 26, 2013
Nintendo 3DS update provides data transfer from packaged to downloaded games

Games are becoming increasingly digital, but making the transition from retail to digital mid-game becomes tricky when saved game states are involved. That issue is remedied for Nintendo 3DS owners, which now have access to the latest update from Nintendo. With this update, gamers can transfer saved info from the packaged version of a game to its digital counterpart.

The update takes Nintendo 3DS users to system version 5.0.0-11U, with Nintendo promising that its improvements and features “streamline and enhance” the gaming experience. The biggest feature is the ability to transfer the saved data from the retail version of a game to the downloaded version when purchased, allowing gamers to go digital without compromising their saved states.

In line with the previous feature is use Sleep Mode to download games and apps in the background with the Nintendo eShop running. Closing the system cover will fire up Download Later, and the items will download in the background. In addition, those who aren’t running the latest release prior to this update will also see a handful of new features.

Users will see Folders for easier organization, and will get the Nintendo eShop, where content can be accessed. 3D films and stop-motion videos can be recorded, and more puzzles are included with StreetPass Mii Plaza. Users can update via the System Setting on their device, going to Other Settings, and then finally System Update.

[via Nintendo]

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