Nintendo 3DS poses for clear spy shots [Update: Video!]

Traditionally we don't get to say things like quality photos and spy shots in the same sentence. Generally, when we get spy shots they are blurry and hazy to the point where you can hardly make out what you are seeing. As the story goes with this rash of spy shots of the Nintendo 3DS, a factory worker in China at the plant where they are being built stole one and took it home for a gadget porn shoot.Update: Video added after the cut; thanks David!

The thieving geek took the console and posed it with various other portable console and Nintendo characters for us to peruse with clarity. It really looks 99% the same as the shot Nintendo offered up a while back that we posted here. The only thing I see that is different is that the keys under the screen are flush in these spy shots whereas the Nintendo pic clearly shows them to be raised.

The flush buttons make more sense to me, everything I have owned with slightly raised leys tended to crack after a while around the buttons. We also get some specs along with the spy shots. The thing has 96MB of RAM and a 1300mAh battery. That battery should provide for a decent amount of playtime per charge. There are lots more pics at the source link below.

Via 3DSbuzz