Nintendo 3DS Might Not be Called 3DS According to Satoru Iwata

Evan Selleck - May 11, 2010
Nintendo 3DS Might Not be Called 3DS According to Satoru Iwata

We really, really like the name 3DS. It’s got a ring to it, if you ask us. And, let’s face it: it gets right to the point. After all, we can pretty much assume that Nintendo will go ahead and place their new handheld gaming unit in the DS family, so why not just go straight for the jugular, and name it what we’ve all come to know and love? Apparently, Nintendo President Satoru Iwata doesn’t feel the same way we do.

The Nintendo President took part in a Question & Answer session with investors recently, over there in Japan, and he managed to drop some very tasty tid-bits about the life of the upcoming 3D-based gaming handheld. Iwata noted that they did admit that the company will launch the handheld this term, but that the name of the device hasn’t been determined. He added that because it’s launching this year, that it won’t be long before we all do find out what it’ll be called, but that 3DS isn’t necessarily going to be the title. Of course, this could just mean that they haven’t officially said that 3DS is going to be the name, but that they’ve already decided it will be.

Also, he wanted to point out that development for 3D games won’t incur extra development costs just because they’re 3D games. In point of fact, he believes that the development for the games, especially the ones that already take place in a 3D plane within the game itself, will be relatively easy. He says that the development charges might go up strictly due to trial and error in the games themselves, as adding 3D graphics doesn’t automatically mean a game will be great. It will be up to Nintendo and developers to figure out ways to make the games interesting, worthwhile endeavors, and that’s probably where the extra costs will come from. Additionally, he noted that the 3DS will indeed have a 2D mode, designed for those with health concerns.

There’s no doubt that the Nintendo 3DS, or whatever it’s going to be called, will make an unveiling at E3 this year, where Nintendo will do it some major justice. The big questions still need to be answered: what’s it going to look like, and how many games will it launch with later this year? All in due time, we imagine. Is anyone out there looking forward to it?

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