Nintendo 3DS attachment to be called Circle Pad Pro in US

We have already seen and heard a lot about the slightly weird attachment for the 3DS that adds an extra circle pad to the device. In Japan, the device is known as the SlidePad and will launch alongside the Monster Hunter 3G video game. The Japanese price for the attachment works out to a bit under $20 here in the States. We haven't heard anything about the attachment for the portable system in the States until now.

According to Capcom, the attachment will hit the US and it will be called the Circle Pad Pro on this side of the pond. Capcom also states that the Circle Pad Pro will be available in the US when its 3DS game Resident Evil: Revelations launches. Nintendo has applied for a trademark for the Circle Pad Pro name in Japan and slide pad expansion as well.

I am still a bit dubious on this attachment. I would like to see one in action and figure out if it makes gaming better before passing judgment. There is no word on what the attachment would cost here in the US, but it will presumably be in line with the price in Japan. Do you want one of these?

[via Siliconera]