Ninja Sphere centralizes your whole Smart Home

With the Ninja Sphere and a wireless internet connection in your home, you'll be well on your way to connecting every electronic device you own to a smart interface. Ninja Sphere comes from the same folks that've created the Ninja Block, a very similar piece of hardware that runs the same code but does not work with a display, gestures, or radio connectivity. The Ninja Sphere upgrades the whole works.

With Ninja Sphere, users will be able to connect to all of the devices around your home. Using GPS, ZigBee, Wi-fi, and Bluetooth LE (Low Energy, Bluetooth 4.0), Ninja Sphere is able to locate the smart devices in your home. Ninja Sphere is able to detect both GPS and Bluetooth LE signals and their range, using "trilateration" to create a map of smart devices in your home.

Ninja Sphere is meant to remove the step between the smart home's smart devices and you having an intuitive experience. Instead of requiring a new app for every new device, Ninja Sphere keeps things simple.

"Energy use, weather, or even the state of you plants," they suggest can be tracked and displayed on the Ninja Sphere itself. You'll be able to see and control this collection of information with gestures – the device is able to detect your hand as it swipes through the air.

The platform is open source, making it entirely hackable, and the Ninja Blocks community is already thriving. This means there's a developer community already out in the wild ready to take hold of this next-generation device.

This system also works with voice control via Ubi – you'll need a Ubi device to make this work, but it certainly works. Have a peek!

Above you'll also see one of the most compelling use possibilities for Ninja Sphere – turning lights on and off in your home as you move in and out of rooms. No more switches for you!

VIA: Ninja Sphere