Ninja Hits 1 Million Subscribers On Mixer But There's One Big Question

A little less than a week ago, Fortnite streamer Ninja announced that he was leaving Twitch and would begin streaming on Microsoft's Mixer full time. Mixer is quite a bit smaller than Twitch in terms of total traffic, so there's been a lot of talk about how much success Ninja will find on the platform. It's true that Ninja is one of the biggest names in Fortnite, but are people going to migrate to Mixer just watch him?

As it turns out, Ninja has met a lot of success in his first week of streaming on Mixer. Late last night, he announced on Twitter that his new Mixer channel already has one million subscribers. That's no small feat, but of course, Ninja had some help in reaching that milestone.

As part of Ninja's transition to Mixer, Microsoft has been handing out free subscriptions to his channel. Typically, a subscription on Mixer runs $5.99 per month – $1 more than the $4.99 Twitch charges for subscriptions. The perks for subscribing are similar on Mixer and Twitch, as they both give viewers custom emotes and ad-free viewing (though on Mixer, you also get additional XP and Sparks when you're watching a stream you're subscribed to).

Microsoft is giving away free subs to Ninja's channel until September 30th, so we'll likely see Ninja amass even more subscribers before everything is said and done. With that said, one has to wonder how big of a drop off he'll experience once those free subscriptions all run out – the free subs are only good for one month, and after that, it's up to users to keep paying $5.99 if they want to continue subscribing.

We can expect a fairly significant drop off, but even when that happens, it's almost certain that Ninja will remain the most popular streamer on Mixer in terms of subs, followers, and viewers. At the time of this writing, Ninja has 824,798 followers on Mixer, so this is a rare instance where a streamer actually has more subscribers than followers. We'll see what kind of subscriber numbers Ninja can hit before Microsoft stops giving out free subs on September 30th, so stay tuned for more.