Nikon Z 7II and Z 6II to get a firmware update next week

Once upon a time, cameras were products that you buy with a fixed set of features that never changed, forcing you to buy a new one once you've outgrown what your trusty partner offered. These days, however, camera makers have taken a page from smart devices to offer some new or improved features via a simple and free firmware update. Some even make it feel like you've bought a newer model. That might not be what Nikon will bring to its Z 7II and Z 6II mirrorless cameras next week but it's still a substantial firmware upgrade nonetheless.

Launched in October last year, the Nikon Z 7II and Z 6II full-frame mirrorless cameras brought a rather unique setup to the camera market. Both sported not one but two EXPEED 6 image processors to double the cameras' processing power. That additional muscle definitely comes in handy when adding new features that do require more data crunching ability.

With Firmware version 1.10, the cameras will support RAW video output, though that has to be enabled by a Nikon service representative as well. For those that already bought that upgrade option, the firmware update still has something to offer in the form of support for BlackMagic Design external recorders.

Nikon also says that the firmware will improve the performance of Eye-Detection Autofocus. This will allow the cameras to detect eyes even the subject's face is too small in the frame. For the Nikon Z 6II alone, the update will enable 4K UHD/60p video recording.

Nikon says that the Firmware 1.10 upgrade for the Nikon Z 7II and Z 6II will be arriving next week, specifically on February 25. The update is promised to also enable video-recording workflows that were based on customer feedback on what pro photographers need these days.