Nikon USA announces Camera Control Pro 2.0

Daniel Lim - Dec 3, 2007
Nikon USA announces Camera Control Pro 2.0

Nikon USA has released a trial version of Camera control Pro 2.0. The proud owner of latest and greatest D3 and d300 should be able to use the updated version software to control their camera remotely via Firewire, USB and WIFI.

That’s not all for a $180 (full), $69.99 (upgrade) application. It supports LiveView, improved user interface graphically wise, transferring and strong images with authentication and customized tone compensation for D3 & D300 bodies. Integration Is also supported for existing ViewNX (free) and capture NX ($149.99). It’s available on Mac and windows version via Nikon USA. If you are tired of paying extra software from the manufacturer that suppose to include them for free in the first place. Try Canon.

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