Nikon gives in, outs a selfie stick for cameras

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Selfies are a living oxymoron. Their popularity seems to thrive despite the general disapproval of society. Selfie sticks, those pronged and telescopic instruments of selfie promulgation, have been discouraged or even banned from certain places of serious business, like museums. Despite that, camera and smartphone makers have increasingly catered to this sub-culture with features. One of those is Nikon, who has seemingly swallowed the whole thing, hook, line, and sinker, and has now come out with a selfie stick, not for smartphones, but for its own point and stick COOLPIX cameras.

Like any selfie stick, the Nikon N-MP001, which is the model name of this contraption, extends and shrinks to your heart's desire. At its shortest, it is only 7.28 inches long, while it reaches 28.54 inches in full length. Unlike your run of the mill selfie stick, however, this is designed to hold a digital camera, up to 0.88 lbs in weight. As such, it connects to the tripod socket of the camera, giving justice to the more formal name of the selfie stick: a monopod.

The other end of the N-MP001 features foam grip and hand strap, both for easier carrying and for a better grip. And you'll probably want a better grip given you'd be holding a slightly heavier camera instead of a smartphone. The stick itself weighs only 0.41 lbs. The bottom of the handle is particularly curious, as it also has a tripod socket, which means you can connect the selfie stick itself to a tripod or, if needed, another Nikon selfie stick. There is no special mechanism for taking selfies and users will have to rely on the camera's timer for triggering the shot.

Lest you think this is a very late April Fools, Nikon is dead serious. The Nikon N-MP001 Selfie Stick is already available for pre-order on B & H as well as Adorama for a price of $59.95. No news yet on when it will actually ship.

Will a reputable camera brand's support for selfies suddenly change the opinion, not to mention regulations, against selfies? Hardly. But selfie lovers can at least take comfort knowing Nikon now has their back as well.


VIA: The Next Web