Nikon Coolpix S02 Offers 13.2-Megapixels And A CMOS Sensor

Nikon unveiled its new compact Coolpix S02 digital camera today, which is the successor to the S01. The S01 was the smallest and lightest digital camera in Coolpix history. The new S02 continues to be a very small compact camera, but promises significantly enhanced functions and features as compared to the previous generation.

One of the most interesting features of compact S02 digital camera is its 13.2-megapixel resolution and the fact that it is equipped with a CMOS sensor. The camera also features a high-quality NIKKOR lens. The high-quality lens and the integrated CMOS sensor allow the camera to take high-quality still images and video footage with impressive quality, even in dark environments.

The camera also has integrated automatic image overlay technology and is able to create a single picture from multiple pictures captured in quick succession. This technology allows the camera to be able to take nighttime landscapes and backlight scenes with clarity. The rear LCD measures 2.7-inches and the camera is offered in four different colors.

The four colors include silver, white, pink, and blue. The camera measures 77.1 mm wide by 51.3 mm high by 17.3 mm deep. Nikon says that makes this digital camera smaller than the average business card. The camera is able to record full HD resolution video at 30 FPS with stereo sound. The 2.7-inch screen on the back of the camera is touch sensitive allowing you to control settings and video playback with the touch of a finger. Pricing and availability for the Nikon S02 is unannounced this time.