Nikon Coolpix L610 offers 16MP and 1080p for $250

Some people simply don't need DSLRs, and a capable point-and-shoot is more than enough. Nikon seems to be aiming for that very market, today introducing the relatively affordable Coolpix L610. The camera features a 16-megapixel sensor with a 14x optical zoom, a 3-inch LCD screen, 1080p video recording, and some software magic that helps you get the most out of your photos.

The 14x optical zoom covers 25mm up to 350mm, with the lens built using two ED glass elements and construction handled by 11 elements in 10 groups. Nikon has included an Easy Auto Mode that dynamically adjusts to the lighting conditions as well as different scenarios, and optical image stabilization helps to reduce any blur from unsteady hands.

Most notably, Nikon has dropped proprietary batteries, instead powering the Coolpix L610 with two AA batteries. That should be a lot more convenient for travellers the world over: it's much easier to walk into a store and buy some fresh batteries if you're desperate for some power.

Ports for the camera include a mini-HDMI connector for sharing 1080p videos out to a TV, as well as a USB connector to pull the photos to a computer. Nikon says the Coolpix L610 should be available in September for around $249.95, with color options including black, red, and silver.