Nike + iSkin Running TShirt - look stylish while you're running

I'll admit, I'm not exactly a big runner. In fact I hate running. I do other activities to keep myself in shape (aside from rolling around in my chair all day) so unless I am getting chased by rabid dogs, I really try to avoid it at all costs. However, for those of you out there that enjoy it, Nike has updated their line of gear that works with the iPod.

By now you've likely heard of the Nike + iPod shoe line that helps keep track of useful information about your workout on your iPod. But now Nike has released the Nike + iSkin Running TShirt so you have somewhere to stick your iPod while out for your morning jog.

It's made out of a blend of polyester, nylon and elasticine that pulls moisture away from your body so that it will evaporate and leave you dry. It also has a built-in waterproof sleeve in which you can tuck your trusty iPod. The "no look" interface allows you to change tracks and adjust the volume without having to take it out of the sleeve.

This shirt is only for dedicated runners though. At a price of $120 for the men's and $115 for the women's only the most passionate runners will likely be purchasing these.

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