Nike Air Zoom Alpha Talon cleats & Pro Combat Uniforms debut

Ewdison Then - Dec 15, 2010
Nike Air Zoom Alpha Talon cleats & Pro Combat Uniforms debut

Nike invited SlashGear down to the Cowboys Stadium this week, and while we didn’t get to play any football, we did get an early look at the company’s next-gen uniforms and cleats. The Nike Air Zoom Alpha Talon Cleat has been completely reworked, with extending forefoot sections that add extra traction when necessary, while the 2011 Nike Pro Combat Uniforms feature carbon fiber plating for customizable protection.

NFL players Ndamukong Suh, Clay Matthews, Dwayne Bowe, Felix Jones and Steven Jackson launched the new uniforms, which will be worn by University of Oregon, Boise State University, and University of Florida collegiate teams this coming season. As well as the adaptive traction system, the Zoom Alpha Talon cleats have Flywire uppers, low-profile cushioning and Nike’s own Pro Deflex padding around the ankle.

Meanwhile, the Pro Combat System uses the same Pro Deflex padding for better thermoregulation, complete with two-way airflow and improved wicking. Intended to be worn under a jersey, there’s a Flywire collar to hold it in place, along with extra hip and knee Pro Deflex padding for impact protection.

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