Night Bright Tyre Unleashes Cyglo Tire, DIY Tron Bikes

We can't all be living in a video game. (Even if some of us wish we were.) And, because we can't just go hopping around dark worlds with brightly lit contours, we have to make due with what we have. And thanks to a British-based company called Night Bright Tyre, we can finally be one step closer to having our very own lightbikes. No, they may not be as streamlined as those from the TRON films, but hey, beggars can't be choosers.

Night Bright Tyre has officially unveiled their Cyglo tires. They're your every day normal tire, but the company has managed to find a way to embed LEDs right into the rubber of the tire, which means that as you're rolling around the night, you'll be emitting a constant glow of color from your bike. The point behind the bikes may just be for aesthetic reasons at the tip of the iceberg, but as you dig deeper the safety elements for riding your bike at night are pretty obvious. Just look at the image. How could someone not see you?

At this point, though, we're all still pretty curious as to how the company managed to embed LEDs right into the tire, and managed to keep the integrity of the tire. We know the LEDs are powered by the cyclic motion of the tires themselves, which is a nice energy-efficient touch, but we're still scratching our heads. Hopefully Night Bright Tyre comes forward and tells everyone how they did it, so that folks around the world can get in on the Do It Yourself action. Then again, if they want to keep this a custom job, we can imagine that when they do come forward with a price, it won't be cheap.

[via Gizmag]