NifNaks features flash drives with personality

Flash drives have been doused in Swarvoski crystals, hidden in chapstick tubes and turned into a humping dog, yet I have seen few that seem as soft and cozy as these two. Generally I'm not that into cool flash drives, but with these are so completely different than the others I have seen that I would love to own them both.

Both worms are named, the white worm is named Maggie and the cute green one is named Gizzy. They each have their own descriptions such as, Gizzy will not eat anything orange and rocks at Scrabble. Whereas Maggie the Maggot is a poetry buff and enjoys dining in only the most trendy places.

These quirky little worms from NifNaks are enough to convert anyone from those plain flash drives. Maggie is priced at $66 and Gizzy is priced at $68.

Fuzzy Flash Drive Cozies from NifNaks [via boingboing gadgets]