Nichicon offers smaller chargers for EVs that cost as much as an EV

A Japanese firm called Nichicon has announced a pair of new EV chargers that will be landing in October. The charger is one of the parts of an EV that many drivers don't think about. A dedicated charger can get the EV back on the road much faster than using a wall outlet. The new chargers are the NQC-A202 and the NQC-A302.

The company claims that these are the world's smallest and lightest chargers for EVs. Both of the chargers measure in at 150 x 35 x 60cm. That makes them about half the size of other chargers that are on the market today. The A202 is a 20kW charger weighing 150kg and the A302 is a 30kW charger and weighs 20kg more than the other weighs. That makes each about 66% lighter than the normal chargers.

The chargers can apparently recharge an average EV in about 35 to 60 minutes. They work with vehicles like the Nissan Leaf and others that use the CHAdeMO standard. The huge fly in the ointment for these chargers I that they are insanely expensive costing as much as the EVs themselves. The A202 will sell for about $24,600 and the A302 will cost about $27,200.

[via TechCrunch]