Ni No Kuni Wizard’s Edition delays explained as orders are canceled

Eric Abent - Jan 24, 2013, 5:51pm CST
Ni No Kuni Wizard’s Edition delays explained as orders are canceled

This week PS3 owners have a lot to get excited about with the highly anticipated release of Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch, but for some who ordered the limited Wizard’s Edition of the game, the launch is causing some headaches. On launch day, some were saying that their Wizard’s Edition order hadn’t shipped, with others saying that their order hadn’t even been processed. This obviously made quite a few gamers angry, but today publisher Namco Bandai has explained why some copies of the Wizard’s Edition have been delayed.

Apparently, Namco Bandai and Digital River oversold the Wizard’s Edition, of course meaning that consumers bought more copies of the Wizard’s Edition than actually existed. This oversell has been attributed to a glitch in Digital River’s ordering system, which allowed for orders to be placed even after the game had sold out. Unfortunately, since only a certain amount of Wizard’s Editions were made, this means that Namco Bandai and Digital River are now canceling the extra orders.

There isn’t a way to order another copy of the Wizard’s Edition if your original order is canceled, so unless you want to turn to eBay and probably pay a premium price, you’re simply out of luck. This glitch in the system was also the reason for the delays, as it seems that Namco and Digital River had to spend extra time sorting through the orders to find out which could be fulfilled and which couldn’t. In any case, purchases are now on their way out to eager gamers.

If your order was canceled, expect to have an email in your inbox explaining the situation shortly. Just the same, Digital River will send you email confirmation when your order is sent out, so if you aren’t seeing any kind of messages, be sure to check those spam and trash folders. Have any of you received notice that your Ni No Kuni order was canceled?

[via Joystiq]

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