NHTSA hints at uptick in auto recalls this year

Last year was rough for auto makers, some more than others, as numerous recalls were made spanning a wide range of issues and models. The nature of the recalls were particularly interesting given the number that concerned older models, but that might prove to be a trend in the long run. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's chief Mark Rosekind warned 2015 could end up having more recalls than 2014, doing so despite claims and concerns expressed by others who feel the recalls last year were excessive.

The information comes from the Wall Street Journal, which says Rosekind spoke on the matter at the Detroit Auto Show recently. He expressed a desire to see a pro-active approach to issues, moving early to nip them in the bud rather than take a wait-and-see approach.

Such an approach could result in more vehicles being recalled this year than in the last one, and with a greater push toward fixing as many of the recalled cars as possible. A 100-percent repair rate likely won't be possible due to some drivers failing to bring in their vehicles for repairs, but still, says Rosekind, a high repair rate has "got to be your target."

In addition to warning that 2015 could be recall-heavy, Rosekind also took a look at safety features auto makers have put on display at the Detroit Auto Show. He expressed a desire to both see additional safety tech and to see it made available on lower-cost cars.

SOURCE: Wall Street Journal