NFL Teams May Replace Playbooks with Tablets

Rue Liu - Feb 7, 2011
NFL Teams May Replace Playbooks with Tablets

The NFL is considering trading in the hefty playbooks with a tablet. The move would be a great win for environmentalist as one NFL team easily goes through 5,000 pages of plays and video printouts each game. The image of tablets on the sidelines may seem strange but after looking at the futuristic design of Cowboys Stadium where the Super bowl was just played, it might fit right in.

The number one concern about traditional playbooks has always been security, making sure they don’t end up in the wrong hands. Tablets could have security measures like remotely wiping the device if one was ever lost. Cost could be lowered as well since teams could just download the new playbook to tablets, rather than reprinting an entire playbook. It does make sense using tablets during a game though because the device would let coaches and players study and sift through dozens of plays and video replays.

The idea is still in preliminary stages and there are worries about beefing up wireless security on the tablets. They want to make sure hackers can’t access the devices remotely. Peter Walsh, the Dallas Cowboys’ head of technology, told CNET that the organization and many other NFL organizations are considering both Android tablets and the Apple iPad. When and if the conversion does take place, it won’t be long until we get flooded with in-game tweets from players.

[Via CNET]

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