NFC Forum releases Bluetooth via NFC guide, tells manufacturers to get on board

When it comes to connecting devices, especially mobile ones such as smartphones and tablets connecting to speakers, computers, and smart cars, there's one name that rings true almost without fail: Bluetooth – and this week the team at NFC Forum have made a push for their own technology to make the process of pairing with Bluetooth even easier. What they've got for the public now is a guide which tends to both manufacturers and developers that goes into detail on what they'll need to do to pair Bluetooth-capable devices using NFC technology. If this seems overly complicated to you, don't worry, you're not alone.

What pairing your NFC and Bluetooth capable devices together involves is a process that's much simpler, or so they say, than pairing devices with just Bluetooth. Where now you need to enter codes on both devices, sync and confirm, NFC-laden devices are set to make this process as simple as a single tap. How they'll explain away the idea that you'll be able to control any device with your NFC and Bluetooth device upon tapping is not explained entirely well, but rest assured, they've got all the answers for the developers.

The NFC Forum does go into detail on the possibility that NFC would make the pairing of smartphones to automobiles a simple one, with a tap replacing switching from one vehicle to the next with a lengthy process once more. Those of you wishing to learn more about the possibilities of NFC teaming up with Bluetooth for a simpler future and have a developer or manufacturer connection, do head over to the NFC Forum website and get to learning. Making the future as simple as a tap and a tickle!