Nexus S Displays Appearing at Best Buy on November 14

Chris Burns - Nov 11, 2010
Nexus S Displays Appearing at Best Buy on November 14

So you’re strolling along, hanging a left in your local Best Buy, and BAM! There it is, a gigantic display showing you the first step in the rest of your life: Nexus S. This Nexus S display plan was leaked to us by our pal Artem, it being a plan for Best Buy to implement on or VERY CLOSE TO November 14th, 2010. You know how far away that is? Forever! It’s… oh wait, that’s only THREE DAYS FROM NOW. You can go down to your local Best Buy and hug the Nexus S displays in three days. Joy of all joys.

The image we’ve got here appear to say that Best Buy is getting ready to secure their end-caps for the device displays, meaning there’s going to be a lot of real-estate for images here, but more than likely there wont be anything like a functional, live handset. The weird/funny/strange part of this whole situation is the story of how this image came to be: apparently the person who took the photo had coerced his way behind a Best Buy desk, being allowed to look through their system as he pleased.

This person is Twitter user @arnblog, so if it all turns out to be a hoax, retweet his name with hashtags of fury! On the other hand, we’re just several weeks away from CES 2011, the same time Google and HTC originally showed the world the Nexus One at their headquarters. What does it all mean? Such are the days of our lives. Like sands through the Googleglass.

[Via AndroidCommunity]

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