Nexus makes a mouse that has no noisy click

If you work in an office where you have lots of people sitting very close to you it may drive you crazy that most mice and keyboards are so noisy. If you want a mouse that makes no noise at all, that can be hard to find. Every mouse I have ever used has made clicking sounds when you hit a button or scroll the mouse wheel.

A company called Nexus has a new mouse called the Silent Mouse that has a new patented switch for the button that makes no sound when used. The mouse is also wireless with 2.4GHz tech for good range and low latency. The mouse uses a tiny nano receiver.

I really like the nano style receivers since you can plug them into a notebook and just leave them. The mouse has 1000 or 1600 dpi sensitivity with a switch to choose. That is more than your average mouse offers at 800dpi and will be welcome by users that have big screens on their computer. Check out the video below to see the mouse in action.