Nexus 7 tablet owners reporting GPS problems

Google's new Nexus 7 tablet is garnering a fair bit of complaints from users who are reportedly having problems using GPS navigation with the recently launched slate. Complaints are lighting up forums across the Internet, including over on Google's own product forums, all of them sharing the same story: GPS works fine for X amount of time, then begins endlessly searching.

According to forum posts, second-generation Nexus 7 owners are having issues with GPS – most users report that it works fine temporarily, but then after a certain amount of time begins searching with a blinking icons. The amount of time the GPS works varies based on the user, with some saying it is only a minute or two, with others reporting a half hour or more. Regardless, once GPS begins searching, users are forced to attempt troubleshooting.

For some users, rebooting the tablet will temporarily fix the problem, allowing them to use navigation for a little while again, but others find no relief from this troubleshooting method. Others report that they have to uninstall the navigation app updates or reset the slate to factory default, and that all will run well until the next update is downloaded.

One Google employee commented on the company's forums that Google is aware of the issue and is looking into it. The same poster responded later on asking users for some information on their settings and if the problem manifests in such cases. Those who own the latest Nexus 7 and are having problems can head over to Google's forums to offer their own input and to see the various methods that have worked for other users in the meantime.

Do you have the latest Nexus 7? If so, have you found your GPS acting up, and if so, have you found a solution? Share in the comments below!

VIA: Phone Arena