Nexus 7 now listed as 'in stock' at Google Play Store

Itching to get your hands on the Google Nexus 7? The highly sought-after tablet is now listed as "in stock" at the Google Play Store, with orders shipping out immediately. Previously, the Google Play listing for the Nexus 7 said that shipping would take 1-2 weeks. However, be warned that this "in stock" status only applies to the $199 8GB model, as Google seems to be running low on 16GB models – the listing for those has been updated as well, but now the 16GB model has an estimated delivery of 3-4 weeks. Ouch.

It could be that Google was expecting the 8GB model to be the more popular of the pair. With a pretty attractive price point of $199, that logic doesn't seem like it would be too far off the mark, but it looks as if Google was mistaken. Then again, it's also possible that Google made a significant number of 16GB Nexus 7s, but it turned out that the 16GB model was incredibly popular consumers and now Google is struggling to keep up with demand.

Whatever the reason, Google now has Nexus 7s ready to ship to your door, so long as you don't mind ordering the 8GB model. If you do mind, Android Community suggests looking at brick and mortar retail stores like GameStop and Staples. It's possible that they'll have a few 16GB tablets on hand, but don't get your hopes up – it's very likely that the 16GB Nexus 7 is in short supply throughout the country, not just at the Google Play Store.