Nexus 7 is at the heart of Toyota's new infotainment system

When it comes to the average driver, one's car infotainment center might be of more importance than the engine under the hood. Given that technology is ever-changing and one is far more likely to update to new tech hardware long before investing in a new car, it only makes sense that an infotainment system should facilitate that reality.

Such is the nature behind Toyota's new Intelligent System (TIS for short), and at the heart of the infotainment system is the Nexus 7. The auto maker has partnered with ASUS and Unimax to create the new TIS offering, though it appears that the system is only destined for Taiwan (for now, at least).

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The TIS infotainment center is a Nexus 7 tablet decked out with everything a driver will need, such as navigation that utilizes a 4G connection, voice recognition, and multi-media offerings for controlling audio in the car. With the tablet and overall system, users will be able to use Google Maps and other things they may do with their tablet presently.

When the Nexus 7 becomes outdated, different tablets can be made in the future that can be swapped into the infotainment center, allowing drivers to keep their vehicle up-to-date. In addition, drivers can use NFC to connect their smartphone or other device for navigation or music.

When cars will surface offering TIS isn't yet known.

VIA: Mobile Geeks