Nexus 7 3G pops up on FCC website

The FCC is typically pretty good at confirming new devices before they're officially revealed, and today it's doing just that. A listing for the 3G Nexus 7 has popped up on the FCC's website (as uncovered by The Digital Reader), which essentially confirms that it will be one of the devices Google announces during its Android event next Monday. In other words, get ready, because there should be a heaping helping of new Android devices revealed at the event.

Of course, there's no way to be 100% positive until Google gives us some official word, but our friends at Android Community point out that this new device is called the "ASUS ME370TG." The original Nexus 7 was the "ASUS ME370T," so it isn't exactly difficult to connect the dots in this particular instance. What's unknown at this point, however, is whether or not this 3G Nexus 7 will also be the 32GB model we've been hearing so much about.

At the moment, we're going to go ahead and assume that it is, but it's also possible that Google will reveal separate Wi-Fi-only and 3G Nexus 7s with 32GB of storage. In any case, it seems pretty clear now that Google will be announcing some kind of new Nexus 7 model during its event, so it's officially time to get excited. After all, a new Nexus 7 model isn't the only thing Google is rumored to have up its sleeve.

Rumors also say that it will be revealing the LG Nexus 4, along with the Samsung Nexus 10. It appears that there will be plenty of Nexus to go around, so now all we need to do is play the waiting game until October 29 arrives. Monday is just four short days away – are you ready for whatever Google has planned?