Nexus 6P 240fps video camera test: impressive, most impressive

With the Nexus 6P users have access to the slowest slow-motion ever delivered to an Android smartphone. Inside you'll find a Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 v2.1 with an Adreno 430 GPU, but no mention of a separate processor for the camera. If indeed the entire load is being handled by Qualcomm's SoC, color us impressed. What you're about to see are a couple of brief examples of how this slow motion system works – slick – on the Nexus 6P right out of the box.

First – the bad news. The Nexus 6P doesn't create perfect slow-motion videos in the dark. But no camera really does – not unless you plan on paying several thousand dollars for a system when you could just pay a few bucks for a lamp. The example you're seeing here is the Nexus 6P shooting video at 240-frames per second in a very low-lit environment indoors.

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The objects you're seeing here are Star Wars 2015 Galactic Connexions Discs from TOPPS. If you're lucky, you'll find them at Wal-mart. If you're unlucky, they're already sold out (or your local store just doesn't feel like re-stocking.) These discs are made of hard mixes of plastic.

The difference between 120FPS and 240FPS video here is lightness. When you're shooting at 240FPS, you're capturing frames twice as fast as 120FPS, so the camera has less time to capture light. As such, the slower the slo-mo, the darker the result.

The next example shows a stack of rocks outdoors. This scene is lit very well, having been captured at mid-day on a nice, bright, clear day.

The above scene can be compared directly to the scene below. Both are showing the same stack of rocks (mostly the same), but are captured at different speeds. Below the video is captured at 240FPS.

If you stay in well-lit areas and don't expect your subject matter to change your lighting conditions too drastically, you can safely assume this camera will give you some fantastic results in slow-motion.

This is just one of a collection of hands-on experiments or otherwise review-friendly outings we're doing with the Nexus 6P. Stay tuned throughout the week as we complete our review of this device piece-by-piece!