Nexus 5x running Windows 10 mobile

A video has turned up that shows the Nexus 5x smartphone that normally runs Android running the Windows 10 Mobile operating system. All of the text is in what appears to be Chinese writing on the video so most of us can't understand what is being said. We also can't read much in the way of what the icons and settings menus seen.

What we can tell is that the OS is in fact Windows 10 mobile. Things appear to operate smoothly and just as you would expect if you were using a smartphone that comes from the factory running the Windows OS. What we can't be certain of is if the device actually functions 100%. We don't see the device making any calls for instance.

Whoever made the video doesn't offer any detail on what exactly it took to get Windows 10 installed and running on the Nexus 5x hardware. You can check out the video below to see the smartphone in operation if you want. If you are unfamiliar with the Nexus 5x as it comes from the factory, we can fill you in on that device.

You can see all the details on the Nexus 5X in our review of the smartphone here. It comes from the factory running Android 6.0. The device is rather inexpensive with a starting price of $379 when it launched. The device has a 12.3MP rear camera and a 5MP front snapper. One big feature missing is a memory card slot. Power comes from a 2700 mAh internal battery good for ten hours of surfing the web on LTE connections. The screen of the 5x is a 5.2-inch AMOLED.

SOURCE: Reddit