Nexus 5x gets scratched and bent in durability test

We all want to buy a smartphone that performs well and is rugged enough to survive everyday use. The latest smartphone to go under the pic over at JerryRigEverything on YouTube is the Nexus 5x. This is a plastic cased phone and presumably that means it won't be as robust as a smartphone encased in metal. The testing starts using Mohs Scale pics to see where the smartphone screen scratches.

In this test pics 1-5 leave no marks on the screen of the device. The first slight scratch surfaces with pic 6 and prominent scratches start with pic 7. That means that the screen on the smartphone is just as strong and scratch resistant as premium phones tested in the past. The rear scratch test using a razor knife shows that the logo is integrated well into the smartphone casing and as expected the plastic scratches easily.

The camera lens is covered with glass and didn't scratch with the razor blade. The buttons on the side of the 5x are metal as are the speaker grills. With the flame test, the screen lasted 8 seconds before pixels turned white and failed, but the screen did recover fully after the heat was removed. That is the one test I never get, who sets their phone on fire?

The big test that most want to see is the bend test. Bending is the most likely thing to happen to your smartphone if you carry it in a back pocket or in the front pocket of skinny jeans. The 5X bends easily and flexes. The plastic case of the device holds up well to the bend test with very little permanent damage. It looks like plastic phones hold up a bit better to bending than metal since the plastic easily recovers shape.