Nexus 4 getting Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean update in select countries

The Nexus 4 from LG and Google was officially upgraded to Android 4.2.1 Jelly Bean back in November, but it looks like another incremental update to Google's latest mobile operating system is making its way into the wild. Android 4.2.2 was caught running on a Nexus 4 earlier today, and it's said to be rolling out in Brazil and Malaysia right now.

Google hasn't yet officially announced the incremental update, but some users in Brazil and Malaysia are reporting that Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean is showing up on their devices. The first reports mention a 1,000-unit batch of Nexus 4s shipping out in Brazil, and are said to be making their way to Brazilian mobile carriers this month. even received a review unit that had 4.2.2 running on it, so it seems the update is definitely out there, and more countries should be seeing it soon. However, there doesn't seem to be a lot of changes in the update. While it's clearly running Android 4.2.2, it looks like most of the new features are mostly just bugfixes and other behind-the-scene tweaks, as Lowyat reports.

In any case, we wouldn't be surprised if we heard confirmation soon from Google about the update. In the meantime, though, these few sightings of Android 4.2.2 means that Google is at least testing the new build as we speak, and hopefully we see it arrive stateside sooner rather than later.

[via Android Community]