Nextbit says 20% of Robins users came from iPhones

It's almost unbelievable that the Nextbit Robin has managed to survive for seven months now. For a relatively unknown brand that brought cloud storage to a new, and still debated, level, that's no small achievement indeed. To mark its "monthsary", Nextbit sent out surveys to ask their users' feedback so far. The results are somewhat interesting, reflecting the habits of mobile users, especially when you give them lots and lots of storage, both for data as well as for apps.

Nextbit is almost proud that a fifth of its userbase, small as it may be, is composed of refugees from the iPhone. It's almost amusing considering how Google was recently poking fun at the iPhone's easily filled up local storage, a malady that the Nextbit Robin has tried to cure with its own Smart Storage. That said, Nextbit's Android users shouldn't be ones to gloat, as they easily use up storage as well. The only difference is where the data goes eventually.

Nextbit says that, at least based on the surveys, users have downloaded 58,000 unique (not counting version differences) applications, have 55 apps installed on average, and take up 7.5 GB of storage for those. That is quite a lot. Then you have to factor in that users also take 23 photos per day on average, a total of 8,000 a year.

Fortunately for Nextbit users, they have 32 GB of local storage and 100 GB more on the cloud. And that cloud storage isn't limited to photos and files only. Nextbit's intriguing smart storage actually backs up less used apps to the cloud to clear up space, ready for a instant install the moment you tap on it. Users do have an option to protect less used but "important" apps by pinning them, preventing them from getting removed no matter what. Curiously, Google Translate is one such less used but pinned app.

Nextbit has enjoyed a moderate amount of success with its first and so far only smartphone, the Robin. It has not given any hints at a successor any time soon. Instead, it is simply promising software updates this month that will not only bring security patches but also photo editing features to the gallery app.

SOURCE: Nextbit