Next Wolverine film to be directed by James Mangold

Movies based on Marvel superheroes are booming at the box office earning huge money for the comic book publisher. If you liked the last movie focused on Wolverine, called The Wolverine, you will be glad to hear another movie focused on Logan is coming. James Mangold has confirmed that he will direct the next Wolverine film.

Mangold directed the Wolverine, the flick that saw Logan fighting in Japan after an old acquaintance tried to take his immortality and healing ability for himself. Previously Mangold was tipped to be writing the sequel to the film.

This is the first time that he has been tipped to direct the film. Mangold confirmed that the film is coming via twitter. What we know now is that the next Wolverine film won't go into production until after X-Men Apocalypse opens in 2016.

Apocalypse is set to hit theaters on May 27, 2016. That would mean the Wolverine film is likely to come in 2017. The next X-Men film is coming to theaters is X-Men: Days of Future Past opening May 23, 2014.