Next Mass Effect to offer a fresh experience

Fans of the Mass Effect franchise will be very happy to hear that Bioware is currently getting ready to develop the next Mass Effect game. Casey Hudson, the Executive Producer at Bioware, stated that the game developer is planning on bringing a "fresh and new" experience to the series. He says that the game will still have the same, core aspects that made the franchise so successful, but that there will be some major new changes, perhaps revamped game play.

BioWare Montreal and Hudson will be taking point on the development of the new game. The game will be released on the PC, as well as the next-gen consoles, like the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox 720. The game may not be called Mass Effect 4, because according to Chris Priestly, Bioware's Community Coordinator, the Commander Shepard trilogy is over, so calling the next game Mass Effect 4 would be a "disservice".

Speaking of Commander Shepard, Bioware revealed some interesting statistics that showed that 82% of all Mass Effect 3 players preferred to play as male Commander Shepard. The statistics also showed that 48.7% of players chose to play as the soldier class in single-player. 64.5% of players chose to play Paragon while the other 36.5% chose to play Renegade.

Hudson also stated that the Mass Effect movie is still a work-in-progress, but there is no speculated release date. Aside from the Mass Effect news, Bioware is working on an all-new game. Hudson didn't release any details about the project, but he says that he hopes the game matches the success of the Mass Effect series. He says, "We're focusing on delivering something new, the way we did at the very beginning of Mass Effect."

[via GameSpot]