Next-generation Xbox SmartGlass revealed at E3

Xbox SmartGlass allows users to control their Xbox consoles with a smartphone or tablet, and for Xbox One, Microsoft revealed the next-generation Xbox SmartGlass for the new console. Users will be able to start a single-player game, as well as set up a multiplayer session with friends. You can also purchase in-game add-ons.

Killer Instinct and Ryse were given as examples of the games that you'll be able to play and control with SmartGlass. There's also various in-game information that populates in real-time, with a tethered Surface tablet in this case on stage. Microsoft announced Upload Studio by Xbox, which is the company's own streaming solution for games that can be used to upload gameplay for others to watch, via Twitch.

The folks on stage also announced that Microsoft Points will be done away with on Xbox Live. Users will use real money for now on when buying games, add-ons, etc. Xbox Live Gold accounts can also be shared among family members, both of which have been rumored in the past, so we're not too surprised by these announcements.

As for SmartGlass, not a lot of details were given about the new technology, but we're guessing once Xbox One launches, users will able to get going right away with the new SmartGlass on their smartphone or tablet, and you'll be able to control some of the new games from your couch with the controller.