Next-gen Xbox may not play used games, will play Blu-ray

The rumors of the next-generation Xbox game console won't die; they just keep coming and coming. The next console is certainly in the works, and all gamers are optimistic about what the system will offer. There is at least one rumor that is floating around about a feature of the next Xbox that isn't good at all. According to this rumor, the next-gen console will not play used games.

Kotaku says that the tip that the next-gen console will use some sort of tech to block the play of used games comes from a reliable industry source. There is no indication of how this might work, but Kotaku thinks this might be as simple as tying a game to one Xbox Live account. I don't think Microsoft should have the right to say you can't play used games. The rumors are also pointing to the next Xbox getting a Blu-ray player. Microsoft threw its might behind HD DVD with the current console and that turned into a failure when Blu-ray won the format wars.

Seeing Blu-ray on the next gen console will mean larger games with more code can be played from the disc. It should also mean that you could finally use the Xbox as your Blu-ray player. Another source is telling Kotaku that the next Xbox will ship with a next-gen Kinect sensor as well. Kinect has done very well for Microsoft so that would be no surprise. One of the more interesting rumors that Kotaku has been told about the next Xbox is that the device will be eight times more powerful than the current console. I hope it doesn't have several times the price tag of the current console.

[via Kotaku]