Next-gen Wii challenge is making generic hardware "unique" says Miyamoto

It's not just the 3DS that Nintendo are thinking about; the company have also been looking to the Wii's replacement, and the focus seems to be not so much on the very latest hardware but how the company could make the Wii 2 distinctive against their rivals.  According to Nintendo designer Shigeru Miyamoto, "in the next generation of hardware, the challenge is how unique and different a product Nintendo is able to make," pointing out to Games TM magazine that "technology is available to all equally today."

That equality of access means that it's not enough to simply bolt together the best components currently available on the shelf, but "how we decide to make use of that technology and in what format is what will make our hardware unique in comparison to the hardware from other manufacturers."  Miyamoto declined to comment on speculation that Nintendo are planning a "Wii HD" or "Wii 2", or even a brand new console.

[via Neowin]