Next Galaxy Fold to come with 8-inch screen and S Pen

The idea that Samsung is making a second Galaxy Fold is probably already unbelievable at this point, considering how the first one hasn't even launched yet. The idea that it might be making a Galaxy Fold clamshell is also almost too ridiculous to consider. A new rumor, however, might bring some sanity to expectations but it is no less ambitious in its coverage. Not only will Samsung be increasing the foldable screen's size, it will also complicate things by making it support the S Pen stylus.

The first Galaxy Fold, which has yet to see the light of day in the wild, came with a 7.3-inch screen. Korean media now reports that the Galaxy Fold 2 will have an 8-inch screen, closer to the size of the likes of the iPad mini or Samsung's own Galaxy Tab A. That, of course, increases the surface area, the cost, and the potential for things to go wrong.

Samsung might not stop there if these industry sources are correct. Samsung reportedly will bring the Galaxy Note's prized feature, the S Pen, to the Galaxy Fold. That may be dreamy and all that but it does raise one important question.

For the Galaxy Fold to support the S Pen, it will need to embed a Wacom digitizer. So far, nothing like that has existed for foldable surfaces, although there have been odd Chinese digitizers that have been used on flexible drawing tablets. Unless Samsung switches away from Wacom, that feature doesn't at all seem likely.

Compared to this, the rumor that Samsung will be launch a RAZR-like foldable clamshell (redundant?) sounds almost more plausible. Admittedly, having a phone that unfolds into a tablet you can write and draw on is probably a more useful device that could justify its price tag.